About Us

About the FQN

The Quebec Federation of Naturism (FQN), founded in 1977, is the only official organization in Quebec for the promotion and the distribution of information about naturism and is recognized by various Québec government ministries and the International Naturist Federation.

Its headquarters are located on the premises of the Regroupement Loisir et Sport du Québec at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, with the majority of the other Quebec leisure and sports federations.

Our mission 

The mission of the FQN is to regroup the naturists of Quebec, as well as to promote and facilitate the development of the practice of naturism in Quebec.

Our actions

  • Promotion and information
  • Leisure nudists
  • Representation and defense of naturism

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Online Store

To assist in the naturist community, FQN has developed this online boutique with the help of Desjardins Financial Services and the company "votresite.ca". Users may purchase various products or services (especially membership to the FQN) by credit card.